Vanhawks Valour rolls smart accessories into one sleek carbon fibre body.

There is no shortage of smart accessories for your bicycle, but Vanhawks Valour is a new idea that wants to incorporate the best of them into one high-tech solution for all your cycling needs. It's a bike that can track your rides, give you directions, warn you of dangers on the road, and even help you track it down should it get stolen thanks to an interconnected networks of other users.

For all of these features to work, the bike needs to be connected to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. One of the most eye-catching features is the LED indicators built in to the handlebars which signal as you approach your next turn. To make sure a car doesn't catch you off-guard while you turn, the handlebars will also vibrate if a car suddenly moves into your blind spot. While all of this is happening, on-board sensors will continue to measure various data points such as how many calories you've burned, distance traveled, and speed.

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