Cartoonist Pens An Infographic Love Letter To His Tesla

Cartoonist Pens An Infographic Love Letter To His Tesla
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The Oatmeal asks Elon Musk to donate $8 million in the name of science to open a museum about the car and its namesake.

Ross Brooks
  • 15 may 2014

Matt Inman, creator of The Oatmeal, a site that features plenty of humorous cartoons, recently created a huge comic strip that pays tribute to the always wonderful Tesla Model S. Referred to as “An Intergalactic Spaceboat of Light and Wonder” by the cartoonist, the infographic lists all the reasons why the electric vehicle is so great, and it’s hard to argue with any of them.

When talking about the Tesla’s ability to accelerate from 0-60 in five seconds, without the use of gears, Inman says, “It doesn’t handle like a regular car. It doesn’t even handle like a sports car. It handles like a Ferrari that got porked by a luck dragon.”

As for safety, and the fact the Model S has the highest safety rating awarded to any car in the history of the automobile, “If I’m going to do something as dangerous as driving a car, I’m thankful to be doing it in a vehicle that is essentially an armored tank filled with couch cushions.”


If you were wondering if any of this has a point, the answer is yes.

In 2012, Inman launched a crowdfunding campaign to save Nikola Tesla’s former laboratory, who was the inventor of the AC induction motor, which powers each and every Spaceboat of Light and Wonder. That campaign raised over $1.3 million dollars, and kept the site from being turned into just another retail establishment.

The only problem is that the money was only enough to buy the land, not actually build a museum in honor of Nikola Tesla, which was the ultimate aim. Now, Michael Inman is asking Elon Musk to donate $8 million dollars so that the museum can come to life, which is in part why he drew the comic.

Best of all, Musk agreed to help on Twitter, although it’s still unclear what exactly he plants to do, whether that’s donate the full amount, or facilitate a way to get hold of the money. But for now, enjoy this two-part comic strip that extols why the Model S is so great, and why Elon Musk and Nikolas Tesla are both amazing people.

Here’s the full version of part 1, along with a link to part 2.


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