Factory Floor Scraps Transformed Into High-End Leather Goods

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TRMTAB is a line of tech device sleeves created from upcycled leather that helps reduce pollution.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 29 may 2014

The world is facing some pretty large challenges right now. With global issues like climate change, food and water crises, and poverty- it’s easy to feel like theres no way that you as an individual can help, but that’s not true. Pollution, for example, is an issue that everyone is capable of combatting. Whether you are repurposing an item or recycling, reducing waste is becoming more accessible, and now you can even do it while you shop.

Trim tabs are small surfaces connected to the larger control surfaces of boats or aircrafts. With the slightest pressure, these miniature tabs are able to change the direction of the whole ship. Though only tiny changes are made, it has a big impact on the boat. Hoping to remind everyone that we are all capable of being like trim tabs, TRMTAB is an upcycled leather goods for tech devices line aiming to reduce pollution.

When factories create garments or goods, they can have as much as 4,000 pounds of waste left over from their production cycles. Working with a leather factory in India, the Co-Founders of TRMTAB, Mansi Gupta and Cassandra Michel, found out that this waste is usually broken up into lesser quality products or thrown into landfills. They created TRMTAB to convert this waste into high quality tech device sleeves. They not only reduce waste, but also make your devices look stylish while being protected. Also of note, because each collection is formed from the factory’s most current production cycles, each collection is limited edition. The products are made of various leather straps and trims, allowing for a unique combination of color shades, textures, and grains.

TRMTAB is currently running a Kickstarter campaign, check out photos of their project below.

TRMTAB // Kickstarter

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