Moju Takes On Instagram By Giving Motion To Static Photos


The app allows users to shoot and share images that move when they turn their smartphones from left to right.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 14 may 2014

There are already a lot of successful photo and video sharing apps out in the market today, so there’s always a constant race to create similar apps that can stand out and offer something different or something more than the existing ones.

Moju Labs, a startup based in Palo Alto, California, has come out with their own image sharing app that is somewhat of a cross between a photo app and a video app because it lets users create and share animated images.

The company’s debut product, Moju, is an iPhone app that lets users shoot up to 24 individual frames of the same thing and turn them into a single image that moves when they twist their smartphone from side to side.


The design of the app’s feed is very similar to Instagram or Vine, but instead of static photos or short video clips it lets users post and share hologram-like images or “Mojus.” The animated images don’t include any audio, making them easier and faster to load than typical video clips.

To create a Moju, the user just has to launch the app and take a series of up to 24 shots. They don’t need to take 24 shots every time, just as many as they want in order to capture the moment. Users can take photos by pressing the button one at a time or by holding it down to take snapshots in Burst mode. They also don’t need to take all the snapshots at the same time – they can space it out to create a time lapse. Users can also add Instagram-like filters to the photos.

The Moju app lets users capture moments in a new way since they can focus on facial expressions, body movements, or other types of motion and see them recreated in an animated image. The app features a new type of visual imagery that is more expressive than a photo, but simpler than a video.

Moju is available for free on the iOS app store.


Watch the clip below for a quick demo of how the app works.

[h/t] TechCrunch


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