Amazon Turns Twitter Into A Social Shopping Cart


#AmazonCart lets Twitter users add products to their shopping carts without ever leaving the feed.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 6 may 2014

You’re scrolling through your tweets and see that new laptop you’ve been eyeing has gone on sale. You make a mental note to purchase it later, but by the time you’re done browsing, you’ve forgotten all about it. Days turn into weeks and not only has the product gone back to its regular price, but you still don’t own it. Amazon and Twitter have partnered to embed a new type of shopping service within the social media feed, offering a way for shoppers to keep tabs on their favorite items and for retailers to engage a new group of consumers.

#AmazonCart is a new service that launched May 5th, which allows Twitter users to save products to their Amazon carts to purchase later. After enabling your account, anytime you see an Amazon product link in your Twitter feed, all you need to do is reply with “#AmazonCart” for the item to be immediately added to your Amazon shopping cart. No more switching apps, typing passwords, or trying to remember what it was you wanted to buy. Instead, just log into your Amazon account anytime you want to see the list of items you’ve added from Twitter into your cart.

Though Twitter is not receiving revenue from the venture, the partnership between the two companies presents a new business model for other companies. As people continue to strive to pack in 30 hours into one day, the idea of e-commerce tying into social media creates an additional way for people to shop more efficiently. In addition, retailers could make it a common practice to add “#AmazonCart” in their tweets in order to remind people of the hashtag’s utility and to keep their goods top of mind.

#AmazonCart is also up and running in the UK, where people can use the alternate hashtag “#AmazonBasket” to add products. In addition, an Amazon spokesperson told CNET that the e-tailer is open to working with other social networking sites, so this could become a trend rather quickly.

[h/t] CNET

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