PSFK’s Trending Topic: Useful Packaging That Doesn’t Need To Be Thrown Out

PSFK’s Trending Topic: Useful Packaging That Doesn’t Need To Be Thrown Out
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Multi-functional designs help extend product life and save the environment at the same time.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 15 may 2014

From a visual album case that doubles as a fully-functioning projector to a six-pack that turns into a bowling set, we’ve noticed a good number of packaging designs that help extend the life of that product, by transforming it into a product that can be used for another purpose. Multi-functional goods can avoid being thrown into the landfill by giving their owner a reason to keep them around after their initial purpose has been served.

Take a look at some of these packaging designs below.


Experimental Audio-Visual Is Housed Inside Projector

Electronic musician and sound designer Benjamin Wynn’s latest album 1979 is packaged inside a pico projector that is encased within a machine-crafted block of walnut. The projector, called The Obverse Box, is a collection of letters, articles, photos, and other objects that were left behind by late philosopher Jackson Sonnanfeld-Arden. The project is a recreation of the original which was created by Wynn back in 2003. There are 50 copies of The Obverse Box currently available for pre-order at a price of $500.


Nescafé Creates Alarm Clock Container

Coffee brand Nescafé worked with creative agency Publicis Mexico’s Innovation Labs, NOTCOT’s creative studio NOTLabs, digital designer Eric Brockmeyer, and illustrator Charmaine Choi to create an Alarm Cap that encourages people to wake up and make a cup of coffee. The Alarm Cap is entirely 3D-printed and has an LED interface on the underside of the cap and seven different alarm tones. The alarm only turns off when the cap is twisted and removed from the container.


T-Shirt Packaging Transforms Into A Hanger

Turkish industrial design student Asli Ozcivelek has created a sustainable packaging for t-shirts called the Transforma, which aims to reduce waste by providing another function for in-store packaging. The dual-purpose packaging is made from recycled moulded paper pulp and has a loop attached on one side. The sides of the packaging fold up to become the arms of the hanger and the loop becomes the top of the hanger.


Beverage Six-Pack Doubles As A Stand-Alone Toy

Ford Jekson, created by Moscow-based product designer Constantin Bolimond, is a beverage packaging concept that can be used a bowling set. The six-pack comes with a wooden miniature bowling ball and each bottle is shaped like a bowling pin. The design gives packaging a “second life” or alternate function and saves it from becoming just another piece of trash after the beverage has been consumed.

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