Walking Dead Pop-Up Shop Makes Customers Pay With Their Own Blood

Walking Dead Pop-Up Shop Makes Customers Pay With Their Own Blood

Fans of the hit show can only buy merchandise by donating the precious resource.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 2 may 2014

You walk into a pop-up store that, surprisingly, is selling official Walking Dead products. You pick out the items you want and head to the register, but instead of accepting your card, the cashier asks you to stick out your arm. It’s strange, but you do it- and then you see the needle.

The hit show The Walking Dead is about as gory as it gets, and for the many who don’t get squeamish, FOX Portugal came up with an exciting promotion for the show’s season 4 launch. In collaboration with creative agency Torke+CC and The Portuguese National Blood Bank Institute, IPST, FOX opened a Walking Dead merchandise store that only accepts blood as currency. The formula is simple: the more millimeters you give, the more and better the products you walk away with.


Dating site OKCupid has recently revealed that the number one indicator of whether or not two people are compatible is if they like horror movies, which makes sense as people generally love or hate seeing gore. Banking on the many who love it, FOX thought the pop-up store would be a good idea to both promote the store, and do some good in the community.

Since the start of The Walking Dead promotion, blood donations have gone up a whopping 571% compared to the previous year, and 67% of those people were first time donors. Also of note is a 17% increase in viewers of The Walking Dead, making it the ratings leader for its target group in Portugal. The store was so successful that additional locations are set to pop-up in Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, and the United States.

Find out more by watching the video below.

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