Functional & Artistic Wall Coverings Are Becoming A New Staple In The Home [NYCxDesign]

Functional & Artistic Wall Coverings Are Becoming A New Staple In The Home [NYCxDesign]
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A collection of new product that make walls work better, by storing more items and transforming them into art pieces.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 26 may 2014


When you break it down, interior spaces are quite simple. There’s typically three surfaces available, a floor, walls and ceiling. A lot of our stuff goes on the floor and the rest usually gets put on shelves or hooks attached to walls. Wall surfaces tend to be less utilized and more time is often spent agonizing over what color paint to spread of the large vertical areas. A collection of products we spotted during the 2014 NYCxDesign week aim to activate these surfaces with more function and aesthetic possibilities.





ClockONE by twelve24 updates the classic wall timepiece. The one meter wide by 4mm thick LCD style clock uses eInk technology making it super thin with a high contrast display that can be read in direct sunlight. Powered by a single button battery, it will stay running for an entire year. The clock is set with two simple buttons that separate the hours and minutes. A clever magnetic bracket secures the clock to a wall or it can be displayed freely on a shelf.





Endo by Cycloc is a new vertical bicycle storage wall bracket. The two piece system comes with a wheel hook which folds flat against the wall when not in use. The hollow hinge accommodates conventional cable and u-locks making it possible to secure a bike to the wall. Rubber contact pads protects the wall from scuffs by the front and rear wheels. The compact design allows for many bikes to be stored vertically in limited wall space.







Sabi Space is a new collection of 13 products for bathroom walls. The system is based off the easy to install Sabi Wall Fixing, a circular hook secured with semi-permanent adhesive or traditional screws. The rest of the collection attaches to these mounts offering freedom of placement and an easy mixing of components. Items in the collection span from towel rails, wall mirrors to shelves and a bath caddy. Sabi Space was designed with the rental tenant in mind and requires no holes to be drilled. A panel on the each package serves as a layout template to test fit and locate a piece prior to installation.





The La Discrète light from Marset debuted in 2013 but it caught our eye at ICFF. It is a deceptively simple design but packs a lot of versatility. It works as a desk or table lamp and has a wooden shelf to display items on. La Discrète can also become a ‘backlit’ wall shelf with the included wall hanging bracket. The light is never fully attached to the wall and can be taken off or replaced easily for use elsewhere.







The conventional way of having art on a wall is to buy a painting or commission an artist to paint you a mural. Brooklyn-based Flavor Paper have been exploring the artistic boundaries of wallpaper for the past decade. Collaborations with artists and a partnership with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Arts has produced wall covering like you’ve never seen. Advances in digital pattern generation and printing combined with traditional screen printing techniques, have made anything possible.

At ICFF they debuted ‘Globetrotter’, a travel inspired paper combining Andy Warhol’s spaceship, car, plane, train, motorcycle and boat toy prints with vintage French maps and Andy Warhol x Flavor paper logos as passport stamps. Also new is ‘Gorillion’ created from sketchbook drawings by designer David Weeks printed on holographic mylar. The Super Series Collection by David Nosanchuk was created from hacked up digital photos of Rome and New York City architecture.



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