Watch Your Favorite Song Become A Modern Art Poster [Pics]

Watch Your Favorite Song Become A Modern Art Poster [Pics]
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(Dis)play That Song converts songs into visual images, depicting content, length, and genre.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 14 may 2014

Earlier this month PSFK told you about a way to analyze the data from your daily run in a bespoken art poster, but have you ever wondered what your favorite song might look like as an image? Not the music itself, as in sounds and rhythms, but the heart of the song, its content. If so, (Dis)play That Song is the service for you.

Analyzing the musical genre, song length, and different contextual focuses, (Dis)play That Song creates unique visual images for individual song titles. Visitors to the site need only type in the name of their favorite song and the artist who performs it to view the art poster, complete with colors and graphics that have been combined to the different graphical elements into a carefully laid out design.


Take David Guetta’s ‘Titanium,’ for example. It is between 4 and 5 minutes in length, is an electronic/ dance song, and its content is about war, nature, loneliness, sport/ action, paranormal/ magic, and city/country. Each of these elements had a different graphic that eventually fused to create the one poster pictured below.


Hendrik Hohenstein, a Barcelona-based creative designer, and creator of (Dis)play That Song, initially designed a graphic system before converting it into an opensource online application. The site works in collaboration with Direct Lyrics, which provides the words for Hohenstein to analyze. From anger to alcohol, nature to sex, each component of a song has a specific pattern and color, that can be joined in various ways for tons of different works of art. Hohenstein says he created the project so people could see what their favorite songs look like, but also so that they could explore new and different songs through the visual medium. And who know? Perhaps a song you don’t enjoy listening to will be more pleasing as a poster.

Check out the images below, then be sure to visit (Dis)play That Song to see what your own favorite songs look like.



(Dis)play That Song
[h/t] Design You Trust


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