Everything You Need To Know About Wearable Tech, From Head To Toe [Infographic]

Everything You Need To Know About Wearable Tech, From Head To Toe [Infographic]
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Design agency Fjord helps us wade through the growing marketplace for wearable tech.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 9 may 2014

If any trend is having a moment right now, it would be wearable tech. The phrase is more than just a buzzword; from Google Glass to Samsung’s fitness bands, we have seen a proliferation of hundreds of different devices that track almost every bodily data point possible. Take Chris Dancy, for example, widely considered to be the “most connected man in the world.” He uses between 300-700 different systems every day to capture data on his life (and his pets’) in real time, from a Pebble smartwatch to a Memoto camera. However, for us wearable tech novices, it can be overwhelming to try to wade through every new device and every body part that can possibly be tracked.

Thanks to digital service design company Fjord, understanding wearable tech just got a lot easier. Fjord’s slogan is “We make complex systems simple and elegant” – which is exactly what they’ve done with the creation of their new and comprehensive infographic. It denotes the major players in the wearable tech space, categorized by the part of the body each gadget is designed to be worn on. Check out the infographic below to get up to speed on Wearable Tech 101.


[h/t] Fast Company

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