Conference Table Charges Attendees’ Phones While They Take A Break


The Cloud Table by Studio Maks has built-in wireless phone charging pads and WiFi signal enhancers.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 8 may 2014

What’s a better than a room with WiFi and charging stations for your phone? A table that lets you charge your phone and allows for a better WiFi connection, that’s what.

Dutch designer Studio Maks has created just that – a unique type of table with built-in wireless phone charging pads and WiFi signal enhancers.

Cloud Table is an event table that looks into the potential of furniture as a catalyst for information exchange and networking. Studio Maks created it for Ventura Lambrate and it was designed as both a workspace and a meeting area for the people attending fairs, exhibitions, and conferences at the design space.

The wireless phone charging pads are integrated into the surface of the table, which means all users need to do to charge their phones is to lay them on top of the table. The WiFi signal enhancers help provide a better internet connection so users can do whatever they need to do online. The table allows people to keep their mobiles charged up and connect with others both virtually and physically.

Studio Maks founder Marieke Kums told Dezeen that their aim was to “design an environment at the Salone in Milan that would accommodate people’s needs for social interaction and information exchange during this week long design fair.”

The 70-square-meter table was created with untreated poplar wood and thin steel legs. The chairs are also made with the same materials. The surface of the table had a very fluid design that curved and snaked around the exhibition space. The 70-square-meter table offers areas for group meetings and spaces that are suited for individual work.

Kums also explained,

Depending on where you sit down, you find yourself either in a group context or a more individual place, sitting at the table or being surrounded by the table. The conditions along the table’s perimeter change continuously.

The Cloud Table was installed at an exhibition in the Ventura Lambrate district during Milan design week last April 8 to 13.

The Cloud Table was produced by Dutch firm Fiction Factory and supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL.

Studio Maks
[h/t]: Dezeen

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