Zappos Creates A Social Network To Find Potential New Employees

Zappos Creates A Social Network To Find Potential New Employees
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Job candidates have to join and interact with current staff via the online retailer's Insiders network.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 28 may 2014

Social media and the internet has changed a little bit the way job hunters and companies reach out to each other. Aside from going on the usual job websites, many head hunters and companies are now using social networks like LinkedIn or even Twitter to post about job openings or check out the profiles of potential candidates.

Online retailer Zappos has taken it a step further by doing away with job postings and creating their own social network designed for potential job candidates.

People who are hoping to land a job in the company will have to become a Zappos Insider and sign up on the company’s careers site, where they can network with current Zappos employees and show their passion for the company.

Through the Zappos Insider program, potential job candidates can connect with real people who work at the company and find out for themselves about the jobs and what it is like to work there. In turn, the company also gets a chance to know more about these potential candidates.


When they sign up as a Zappos Insider, potential candidates are encouraged to take a look at the different teams within the company and choose a team that they are interested in joining. People don’t need to sign up for multiple teams though because, once they become an Insider, the Zappos recruitment team will be able to consider them for different roles and teams based on their interests, skills, and experience. Each team has an Ambassador who can answer whatever questions they may have.

Instead of having to browse through countless cover letters and resumes, Zappos recruiters will just have to focus on candidates in the Zappos Insider program and assess them through contests, Q&As;, or online and on-site events that are designed help them gauge if the candidates fit the company’s culture. They can also connect with them through social media. The Zappos Insider program is designed to help the company’s recruiters target potential candidates so that when an opening is available they already have a very short list of people who they want to pursue.


[h/t] Wall Street Journal


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