3D Printer For Kids Makes Cutting Edge Tech Accessible And Fun

3D Printer For Kids Makes Cutting Edge Tech Accessible And Fun

Printeer is designed to make the technology usable in schools and social programs.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 18 june 2014

Santa Barbara-based startup Mission Street Manufacturing has taken the Kickstarter route to bring its kid-friendly 3D printer Printeer to the market.

Printeer is a 3D printer specially designed to look appealing to and be used by school children. The 3D printer is designed for K-12 education and children and includes brightly-colored parts that are clearly visible inside a clear case.

The printer comes with an easy-to-use object design software that runs on an iPad, which most kids are more comfortable with than a computer. Users don’t need to have knowledge of computer-aided design or CAD software to be able to design and print objects with the Printeer. According to the project description, people can simply create their design and “just touch the ‘print’ button and watch it go.”


The printer is also designed to be safe since kids are the target market. The parts of the 3D printer are encased inside clear plasitc that prevents the young users from accidentally coming in contact with heated or moving parts while the 3D printer is being operated. The printer also uses non-toxic PLA plastic filament and the removable build platform allows the finished parts to be easily removed. The clear case of the printer allows the children to see the moving parts — all the pulleys, motors, belts, and sliders — that work together.


The creators of Printeer envision the device to be used in homes, classrooms, community centers and libraries, museums, summer camps and after school programs. The startup is already working with local schools in California to bring Printeer to their classes and extra-curricular

Through the Printeer Kickstarter campaign, the startup hopes to bring the kid-friendly 3D printer to more schools, especially to schools they haven’t heard of or located in towns and cities they haven’t been to. The campaign has already raised over 80% of its $50,000 goal with still 20 days to go. The price of the device started at $499 for early bird backers and is now at $549 and up. The developers are hoping to start shipping out the device in September.



[h/t] TechCrunch

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