Adobe Takes On iPad Sketching With A Stylus Set

Adobe Takes On iPad Sketching With A Stylus Set

Creativity goes mobile with Ink & Slide, hardware designed to make drawing on the iPad more natural and fluid.

Emma Hutchings
  • 20 june 2014

Adobe has launched a stylus and straight rule set that works with a pair of iPad apps to help artists, designers and architects exercise their creativity. Having noticed that people stopped using their digital products (instead favoring a pen and paper to sketch out ideas), Adobe is attempting to integrate their solutions into the creative process.

Adobe Ink is a triangular stylus with a hydro-formed aluminum shell, a white plastic ring on the end covering its charging receptors, and translucent plastic that enables you to personalize Ink by choosing from different LED colors. The lightweight stylus was built using Adonit Pixelpoint technology and features a black pressure-sensitive capacitive touch tip made of hard plastic, with silver and white rings making it resemble the tip of a pencil.

Ink is housed in a white plastic case which doubles as a charger. The end of the stylus plugs into the lid, and sliding it in causes the three magnetized contacts to click into place. The case can then be plugged in via micro-USB cable to charge the stylus, causing the LED-illuminated lid to glow.

Adobe Slide is a digital ruler for drawing accurate lines, perfect circles and balanced shapes with complete control. The aluminum and white plastic device features a circular button on one end for changing settings and three magnets that enable the iPad to detect when the ruler is placed on top.


Adobe Ink & Slide aim to bring true creative freedom and functionality to mobile devices. They work with Adobe’s pair of new feature-packed iPad apps called Sketch and Line. These enable the next generation of sketching and precision drawing on iPad, and are both optimized to support the new hardware.

Adobe Line is a precision drawing and drafting app that combines organic drawing with straight lines, French curves and perfect shapes that can be drawn in plan and elevation views or in perspective. Adobe Sketch is a social sketching app for free-form drawing that provides the chance to create with a graphite pencil, ink pen, two blending markers, (brush tip, chisel tip), and an eraser.

Adobe Sketch and Line also work without a stylus and feature an innovative software version of the ruler (“Touch Slide”) for straight-line drawing without the hardware. The apps connect to Behance, enabling designers to share their creations and get feedback from the community. The free apps can be downloaded now from the App Store. Ink & Slide are available in the U.S. via for $199.99 and is expected to ship in other regions later this year.

Adobe Ink & Slide

[h/t] Wired

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