Mattel-Amazon Partnership Blurs Boundary Between Retail & Entertainment

Mattel-Amazon Partnership Blurs Boundary Between Retail & Entertainment
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The toy company and retailer have partnered to create a content hub for cartoons and related toys.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 june 2014

Online retailer Amazon and toy company Mattel’s HIT Entertainment have partnered together to bring HIT Entertainment’s popular children’s cartoon Fireman Sam exclusively to the online retailer.

Amazon will show episodes of Fireman Sam via streaming and will also have them available for download in Amazon Instant Video, Prime Instant Video, and FreeTime Unlimited. Amazon will also show related merchandise, including toys, ebooks, games, apparel, footwear, lunch boxes and more.

For over 25 years, Fireman Sam has been a popular cartoon in countries like the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, among others. The Fireman Sam content hub debuts today June 3rd and HIT Entertainment and Amazon will introduce Fireman Sam products for the first time to the US later this year.

Sid Mathur, VP of HIT Entertainment for The Americas, said in a press release,

With the ever evolving experience that families have with digital media, our consumers expect more and our business demands it. Working with Amazon, we have the perfect platform to create a new experience that gives fans one place to experience the franchise. This new agreement takes Fireman Sam fans through the entire consumer journey from first engaging with the brand through content on their Kindle Fire or Amazon Fire TV to fulfilling the demand for a deeper brand experience via books, toys and more.

Peter Larsen, Vice President for Product Management of Amazon, stated,

We’re thrilled to exclusively bring the popular Fireman Sam merchandise and digital content to Amazon customers. We’re always looking for ways to make parents’ lives easier and now there’s no more convenient place in the world for kids to experience their favorite Fireman Sam content. We’re excited to be working with such a forward-thinking partner in this space.

Around 75 episodes of the cartoons will be made available on the Amazon content hub by the end of the year. The Fireman Sam-themed merchandise will be available to the US starting October.

This partnership between HIT Entertainment and Amazon creates a new distribution model that shows how TV shows and video streaming can be combined with the retail side of the business in a digital platform.

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Source: NY Times

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