Anonymously Upload Skin Photos For Fast Dermatologist Diagnosis

Anonymously Upload Skin Photos For Fast Dermatologist Diagnosis

First Derm is an online dermatologist app that lets people anonymously get advice about a condition without going to a clinic.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 23 june 2014

For those who are a little shy about going to a clinic to have that nasty rash checked out, there’s an app that they can use to get an informal diagnosis from a real dermatologist.

Launched earlier this year, First Derm is an app that allows patients to anonymously upload photos of their skin ailments and then receive a diagnosis within 24 hours.

The app is completely anonymous and won’t even ask for personal information so users can send in photos of their rashes, warts or bruises without worrying about being identified. The anonymity makes it easier for people to send in their skin concerns, especially if they’re worried about sexually-transmitted diseases.

Users have to send in two photos of their skin concern – a close-up photo and a far-away shot – and answer an online form. A diagnosis isn’t free, however, and users have to pay $40 to get one within 24 hours. Users can receive a diagnosis as quickly as two hours after they send in their inquiry.


First Derm dermatologists are board-certified and have been vetted by a medical advisory board so users can be sure that their skin concerns are being reviewed by experts in the field. The dermatologists, however, are not allowed to give prescriptions, nor can they be directly contacted by the user.

First Derm first launched in Sweden in 2009 as an STD triage app, but the company decided to rebrand and relaunch in January as a more general dermatology tool.

According to a report on TechCrunch, app founder Alexander Borve revealed that about 70% of the submissions are skin concerns that are “below the waist.” The figure is understandable since most people are still cautious about going to a doctor for sensitive or sex-related ailments.

According to the app’s website, from over 5,000 cases they have reviewed, about 70% can be self-treated using over-the-counter medication, while about 30% are advised to see their family doctor or a dermatologist for more tests, diagnosis, and treatment.

The app is powered by digital health company iDoc24 and is available on iOS, Android, and through a web application.

First Derm

Source: Daily Dot

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