TV Series Broadcasts Exclusively On Instagram

TV Series Broadcasts Exclusively On Instagram
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"Artistically Challenged" uses Instagram for more than just promotion as it becomes the first series to air exclusively on the social media platform.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 30 june 2014

Television seems like it’s here to stay, even in the face of service like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime that let customers stream their favorite shows. Still, film makers are using social media not only to promote their new shows, but also to produce them. Case in point is “Artistically Challenged,” a show that will exclusively air on the image sharing platform Instagram.

Created by Aleks Arcabascio, Jeremy Boros and Samuel Delmara, the show will not function like a normal television show. Instead of a full season containing numerous episodes typically 22 to 45 minutes long, the show will have seven episodes lasting 15 seconds each, the maximum time allowed by Instagram video. The brevity of each episode provides unique challenges for the creators since they have to get across a whole story in a very short time.


As for the plot, the narrative revolves around a young starving artist named Nick who is struggling to make ends meet while living in New York City. He tells a small lie and finds that it brings him great fame, as well as a heavy burden. What lie and what misery it brings out remains unknown, as does most of the premise. There are several stills on their website as well as their production diary in case you want to dig for more spoilers there. Still, how a show shorter than most YouTube videos will manage to create drama, suspense and hold our attention will be worth tuning in.

“Artistically Challenged” isn’t the only show to air solely online. Web series, like “Emma Approved,” have populated YouTube for years, and AMC’s latest drama “Halt and Catch Fire” debuted its first episode on Tumblr.

The show will premiere its first episode on July 1st via its Instagram page, though there is no word yet as to how frequently the episodes will be released.

“Artistically Challenged”

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