Artist Keiichi Matsuda's series of films explores how AR technology can create personalized wayfinding experiences in urban environments.

London artist and designer Keiichi Matsuda envisions a future where augmented reality becomes a “normal” part of the world and is seen everywhere and in everything.

The artist has created a series of films that explore how augmented reality can be used to create a personalized navigation system for people in the city.

In a video posted by Dezeen, Mastuda talks about his vision of a type of future with augmented reality integrated into everything. He explains,

The type of future that I'm imagining is a future where augmented reality is everywhere, it's part of everything. A lot of the things we take for granted when we're navigating the streets – the road markings, the signage – all of that can be applied in the digital layer. If we consider that, the way traffic systems work could become much more dynamic and much more free-flowing.

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