Hoodie Sends Texts When Sleeves Are Rolled Up [Video]


This hooded sweatshirt uses gestures to send pre-programmed text messages to a pre-specified contacts.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 10 june 2014

Smart Hoodie was created by students in New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program Alina Balean and Rucha Patwardhan. The hooded sweatshirt has a GSM radio sewn into it that responds to gestures by sending text messages. Touching the hood, Touching a sleeve, and rolling up a sleeve each send a different text message to a pre-programmed contact.

For the co-creators of the ‘Smart Hoodie,’ that contact was their mothers. The hoodie serves as a means to keep in touch with their mothers while the girls are away from at school. The hoodie is programmed to text “I miss you,” when the hood is touched, “I can’t talk now, I’m in class,” when the sleeve is rolled up, and “Let’s Skype,” when someone touches the sleeve.

Though their focus was more of a sentimental one, this kind of undercover communication could come in handy during more sinister experiences. The ‘Smart Hoodie’ shows that the potential for wearable tech is only increasing, and that it has the opportunity to be both constructive and practical.

To see the ‘Smart Hoodie’ in action, check out the video below.


[h/t] The Verge

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