The infamous street artist puts fans and media into a frenzy over new release.

Street artist Banksy is renowned for making both fans and the media jump through hoops when it comes to finding any information about his work. His niche comes in the form of creating and posting exceptional art onto walls all over the world without any pre-hype, post-hype or even a mention of his name. The unknown is evidently an effectual part of his appeal, especially when it comes to his upcoming project.

The “Better Out Than In – The Movie” was ‘announced’ this week via a simple image revealed on his most recent website update. He’s added a ‘films’ section on the lefthand navigation bar, (which normally simply reads ‘outside,’ ‘inside,’ and ‘links,’) that links to a page with a screenshot of a YouTube video with the title of the movie and of course without any note or message to suggest any further details, or in fact if it actually exists. Street art sites have gone into meltdown contemplating when it will be released, what it’s about and who it features. believes, “we can expect the almost 3 minutes long trailer to hit YouTube in the coming days.”

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