Branded Tumblr Inspires World Cup Fans To Share Their Art

Branded Tumblr Inspires World Cup Fans To Share Their Art

BecauseFutbol isn't just using the 2014 World Cup to build bridges, it's also helping to create an online community.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 30 june 2014

The World Cup engages audiences from across the globe and from all walks of life. The spirit of camaraderie that is born from cheering for the same team, whether at home or as an ex-patriot in a distant country, is electric and infectious. It is because of this feeling that #BecauseFutbol, a Tumblr dedicated to connecting football fans both on and offline, was born to bring together content creators and fans in a branded experience.

The blog was a collaboration between advertising agency INNOCEAN USA, who created the concept, and production company Tool did the creative execution, for Hyundai. It allows fans to connect online, sharing art and engaging in Tumblr’s already vast user base to spark discussions. Michael Sevilla, Creative Director of Tool explained why Tumblr was the perfect platform for the campaign:

#BecauseFutbol site provides a few innovative tools for passionate World Cup fans, but primarily showcases animated gifs, illustrations, typography, and videos created by multiple Tumblr artists and the brand. Through a range of methods of commissioning popular artists, upfront branding, subtle branding, and no branding, #BecauseFutbol is able to spread its reach beyond a stand-alone site and into the vast network of Tumblr users that actively share, like, and reblog content that is relative to the World Cup as well as speaks to their passions.

The site also encourages fans to convene offline in order to get the full sporting experience. #BecauseFutbol includes a fully interactive map where a user need only enter in their location to find accurate, up-to-the-minute social media feeds telling them where people are meeting up to watch the game.

map beacuse futbol.jpg

The Tumblr platform allows Hyundai to reach a more diverse and fresh audience, rather than reaching current fans who may be just looking for content that has to do with cars. Nguyen Duong, Director of Digital Strategy from INNOCEAN USA explained further:

Tumblr provides an opportunity for brands to stretch their creativity and content to new communities in relevant and engaging ways. When our Hyundai #BecauseFutbol content connects with a community in a positive way, then hopefully we elevate the familiarity and opinion of the brand. Rather than making branded content to be all things to all people, we’re making engaging and impactful content that has relevancy with an audience.

While the World Cup only happens once every four years, it is an event that captures the global imagination, and Hyundai is smart to capitalize on this branding opportunity. They’re even smarter to understand that what fans really want is to make connections around their passions and interest, even when it’s not about cars.


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