Bracelet Sucks The Charge From One Phone And Gives It To Another

Bracelet Sucks The Charge From One Phone And Gives It To Another

Donor Cable transfers power from one device to another to highlight the need for blood donations.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 11 june 2014

Earlier this year PSFK told you about a smartphone charging poster that was designed to encourage blood donations. Having power to charge your phone is something everyone can relate to, because everyone has had moments where they needed more power but were unable to obtain it. The poster highlighted the similarities between that need and the need of so many for blood, which is only obtainable through donations from others. Though that campaign took place in Brazil, the power of this analogy has spread around the world. It incited a Moscow-based company to create the Donor Cable, a product that also showcases the relationship between blood donations and smartphone energy, but on a more person-to-person level.

Donor Cable is a bracelet that allows a person to transfer power from one smartphone to another. In lieu of an office email asking ‘Does anyone have an iPhone 5 charger,’ this device encourages interesting social interactions because the power that charges the phone is taking away from the power being used by someone else’s. Like donating blood, the phone-holder with the power is giving up something that is theirs because it will help someone else. While this device has obvious advantages in terms of smartphone usage, the campaign’s main focus is to increase blood donations. As a reminder, the bracelet is inscribed with the phrase ‘Donate energy to save a phone, and donate blood to save a life.’


This cellphone-jumper-cable was created by Y&R; Moscow and Nar Mobile, a cellphone service in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has the highest number of children born with the blood disorder thalassemia, which requires numerous blood transfusions. The hospitals frequently lack the amount of blood necessary to prolong life, so the companies came up with the idea for the Donor Cable. The bracelets were given out, free of charge, with any Android phone purchased from Nar Mobile stores. In addition, blood donation trucks were located outside stores during the promotion, so customers could donate while the knowledge of the need was still fresh. This led to an astonishing 335 percent increase in blood donations for the country.

To learn more about the Donor Cable, check out the video below.

Donor Cable

[h/t] Ad Week

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