The quadcopter has a frame made out of food, with the motors and flight controller mounted on top.


A DIY Drones user from Zurich and his girlfriend have successfully created a fully functional chocolate quadcopter.

The inventor Mike C published a blog post about the project and uploaded a YouTube video (see that shows how they created the flying drone.

The quadcopter has a frame made out of chocolate and the battery, motors and controllers were mounted on top of a different material to keep the chocolate from melting as long as possible.

According to his post, Mike C’s girlfriend, who loves baking and chocolate, came up with the idea of building a copter made out of chocolate. Mike C, who describes himself as someone who loves building and flying quadcopters, wrote that he was skeptical at first because chocolate isn’t as stable as aluminum or carbon, materials typically used in making the frames for copters. He was also hesitant because chocolate melts and the battery, motors and controllers of a drone tend to heat up during flight.

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