Environment Tracker Turns Your Phone Into A Personal Weather Station

Environment Tracker Turns Your Phone Into A Personal Weather Station

CliMate collects humidity, UV Index, and temperature data 24/7.

Rachel Oliner, PSFK
  • 13 june 2014

Living in a city like New York, it’s almost impossible to pin down the weather to any degree of accuracy. In the morning, it could be sunny and dry, but by the afternoon, gusts of humid air and rain may have rolled in. Climate change has led to increasingly volatile weather conditions, which impact our environment and our well-being. In order to help us better understand and track the environment around us, Rooti (formerly Phyode) has developed CliMate, a Bluetooth tracker that monitors the humidity, UV index, and temperature (HUT) around each user. With its twee design, the cloud-shaped sensor syncs the HUT data to the accompanying app, turning your iOS or Android device into a personal weather station.


CliMate is designed to stand alone on any kind of surface like a desk, or be worn on a lanyard or on your clothing. The wireless and wearable tracker syncs the HUT data back to the app on 15 minute intervals, tagging the location and time of each reading. The data is then uploaded to CliMate’s cloud database, which allows people to check which areas have dangerous HUT levels and also warns them about the harmful conditions heading their way. Users can also plug in personal data like their skin tone and the SPF they usually put on, creating in-app alerts to when they should be reapplying their sunscreen.

In terms of visualization, the app creates daily, weekly and monthly charts to show the HUT data points, allowing users to see how their environments are changing over time. CliMate uses cartoon-like plant icons to symbolize the varying health of your surrounding environment. A green, flourishing plant represents very healthy HUT levels, whereas a withering, yellow one symbolizes the opposite. In addition, one of CliMate’s most interesting features is a camera trigger that lets you add your photo to a crowdsourced weather map. The app’s developers hope to create a cloud user database with maps across different regions and times.

CliMate is designed with a wide range of people in mind, from parents with young children who want to avoid the sun to art collectors who need to keep their pieces at precise humidity levels. Rooti is no stranger to the data-tracking industry, as they developed W/Me, a wristband that monitors the wearer’s autonomic nervous system to provide a holistic picture of wellness. With CliMate, Rooti hopes to have another Kickstarter success on their hands. They’re looking for $50,000 in funding, with the campaign ending on July 10. Check out the video below to see CliMate in action:


[h/t] TechCrunch

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