Close Your Tab On Your Phone To Skip The Line At The Bar


From venue selection to electronic tab payment, Clipp provides users with a seamless payment experience.

Charlie Stephens
  • 20 june 2014

A new Australian company has developed an app that lets customers set up a bar or restaurant tab linked to their smartphone so they can close out without handing over their credit card.

Already accepted at 130 venues across Australia, the Clipp map first helps you find one of these locations. Once at your destination, you show your assigned tab number to the bar tender, who then opens the tab linked to your account.

Nothing is worse than receiving an astronomically shocking bill, so you can set a limit for how much you wish to spend for the night. You can keep track of your purchases throughout the night and easily add tips. Members of your party who are also linked to the app can join the tab as well.


Once it’s time to leave, you close out your tab on your phone, and the receipt is directly e-mailed to you. All purchases are conducted through PayPal, so there is no need to go back up to the bar.

In a traditional bar setting you hand over valuable personal information to a complete stranger. In the midst of a large crowd, you even take the chance of losing your credit card all together. With Clipp, you can choose to leave your card at home and forego the risk of identity theft. By eliminating the middle man, the payment process becomes safer and more efficient.

For those venues that jump on board, Cipp will also enable a more efficient means of conducting business. Bartenders can dedicate more time to making drinks and less to swiping cards and punching in numbers. Rewards programs and special deals can also be rewarded to loyal customers and encourage repeat business.

“What it does for the staff is it makes the process quicker. In a typical transaction the payment process takes up 25 per cent of the time at the bar,” says Clipp co-founder Greg Taylor.

The app’s speedy adoption across Australia has been driven by legislation that will require all credit card users to enter a PIN for transactions starting August 1st. Venues foresee detrimental effects that this may have on purchase time and the bottom line, if every single customer using a credit card has to punch in a PIN.


By 2015 American businesses and banks will also face similar requirements, so hopefully apps like Clipp will save customers and businesses from the long lines, inefficiency and decreased productivity that one might expect from PIN entry requirements.

If more venues begin to transform their payment systems now, they may be able to avoid future losses. And as mobile technology seems to have infiltrated almost every aspect of life, it’s reasonable to expect that Clipp will catch on in quickly in the American market.

Clipp is free to download, and is available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.


[h/t] Cnet


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