New York Bar Patrons Select Cocktails By Rolling Mixology Dice

New York Bar Patrons Select Cocktails By Rolling Mixology Dice
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NYC bar Reserve asks customers to roll three dice to determine the components of their Old Fashioned.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 20 june 2014

Typically, every person of drinking age has one or two preferred mixed drinks of choice to order on a night out without straying too far from what they know. One New York bar is trying to shake up these usual patterns by asking patrons to take a chance on a new, totally random beverage. How? With a simple roll of the dice.

Reserve, a bar located in the Morgans New York Hotel, has 216 ways to serve an Old Fashioned, all decided by a single roll of three dice in a mini-table. For those who need to brush up on their bar-tending basics, an Old Fashioned is made with either whiskey or brandy, sugar and bitters. Each of the three dice, which are white, red and blue, correspond to the components of the drink — the spirits, the sweeteners, and the bitters, respectively. Each combination has been tested by the bar to ensure taste and quality, so none of the many possible drinks are duds, making the roll a safe bet.

The dice rolling game came out of the idea that customers might be hesitant to try new and different cocktails. By leaving it up to chance, the customers might taste something new they enjoy and reorder it down the road. Reserve’s beverage manager Anna Folaros told the NY Daily News:

People look at specialty cocktail menus nowadays and they are so intimidated. They recognize vodka but don’t know what the other five ingredients in the drink are. They might love it, but are just too intimidated to order.

If you’re in the New York tri-state area and want to give this gimmick a try, it’ll cost you $16, and you’ll have to keep whatever drink comes of it. Still, for the more adventurous bar patrons, this game could be a fun way to try new flavor combinations they never thought of before, like rye and banana bread syrup with Castilian bitters (3-5-2 in case you want Lady Luck to get you this combo).

[h/t] NY Daily News

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