Cooking Machine Lets Chefs Prepare Meals From Their Phones


In Collaborative Cooking, chefs can control things like stirring and seasoning from their phones.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 june 2014

“Does cooking require a physical presence or is it possible to create and explore through digital platforms and experience food beyond the known limitations?”

This is the question presented on the project website of Collaborative Cooking, a project by designers Christian Isberg and Petter Johansson Kukacka, programmer Lasse Korsgaard and chef Carl Berglöf. The project is based on a digital platform that interacts with a physical cooking machine.

Collaborative Cooking is an interesting cooking machine that features a large pot, a chimney in the middle of the machine, and 35 ingredient dispensers containing herbs, spices, and even meats. The machine can make various kinds of dishes and the cooking is done entirely remotely by up to five chefs at a time. The chefs can control things like the heat, the timing, stirring, and seasoning from their computers or smartphones.


The project apparently originated from the idea of a remote control toaster, which presented the question of whether cooking requires a physical presence or can be experienced through a digital platform. The creators asked a famous chef in Sweden if he needed to taste the food that he’s cooking and he answered that he doesn’t as long as he has cooked it before. The collaborators planned the design and functions of the project for about a year, and they came up with the 35 ingredients that together can make many different flavors and dishes.

The machine is linked with the digital platform through an internet connection, which allows the participants to cook together even if they are in different locations. One interesting feature about the project is that the participants are anonymous and the machine presents a new and different way for people to collaborate and initiate a dialogue about food and the culinary arts. The machine also provides insights into how people may react or orient themselves when put in a situation and with such a platform for collaboration. It’s also interesting to discover what kind of dialogue, discussion or interaction emerge from such a situation.

The machine was featured in the kitchen of the Strange Beast House at Clerkenwell Design Week last week.

View more images of the Collaborative Cooking machine below.


Take a look at the video below for more about the project.

Collaborative Cooking

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