The media and technology company is using its customer's routers to create free internet hotspots.

Earlier this week, Comcast has turned on around 50,000 Arris Touchstone Telephony Wireless Gateway Modems in the Houston area as part of their plans to create a massive public WiFi network for their customers.

This new feature will allow Comcast customers to log in on the hotspots for free through a smartphone or other mobile devices and a computer. When they log in on one of the hotspots they will be automatically logged in to others when their device detects them.

The hotspots will appear as “xfinitywifi” and, according to Comcast, are completely separate from the user's home network. That means, anyone accessing the internet through one of these Comcast public hotspots won't be able to access the computers, printers, streaming devices, of the host network.

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