Smart Kit Helps New Yorkers Control Old ACs With Their Phones


The utility company is giving out free outlet kits that connect any air conditioner to the internet.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 27 june 2014

If you live in New York City, you know the only thing comparable to the freezing winter weather is the uber hot summer temperatures. As a humid subtropical climate, it’s to be expected that the summer is uncomfortably humid, and it often feels like the only relief is to sit inside with the AC. Fortunately, Con Edison, the electricity provider for New York City residents, has a number of programs to help people stay cool.

In the past, Con Edison has reduced costs through the Human Resources Administration, and they have been recently doling out rebates of up to $1,000 for customers who upgrade to high efficiency heating and cooling systems. Keeping up with the digital age, Con Edison has just launched a way for New Yorkers to stay cool and save some money. The company has teamed up with Internet connected outlet corporation ThinkEco to create the SmartAC smartphone app and outlet kit.

SmartAC allows Con Edison customers to control their air conditioners from their smartphones when paired with a ThinkEco outlet module. Though these outlets can cost upwards of $120, through this new initiative, Con Edison users can receive five or more devices for free. The device itself optimizes energy efficiency and reduces energy costs for the user. To complement that, the app allows clients to double check that they have turned the AC off once they’ve left the house as well as turn the device on when they’re close to home, ensuring a comfortable temperature from the moment you walk through the door. In addition, you can schedule on/off or temperature times by time and date.


If you have central air and are feeling excluded, don’t. SmartAC has a thermostat you can receive, also for free, that will provide a similar service. As an incentive for either kind of SmartAC product usage, customers who allow Con Edison to raise their temperature a few degrees during peak usage days will receive a $25 gift card. This will also aid in the prevention of city-wide blackouts.

The SmartAC program uses mobile and web connectivity as a way to bring the Internet of things into a number of homes that may have been otherwise excluded. It is a tool that can provide much needed assistance to New Yorkers in a rapid and effective way.

To sign up for a free SmartAC kit or thermostat visit CoolNYC, then learn how to use the SmartAC thermostat by watching the video below.


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