Social Network Highlights The Content Being Shared Instead Of The User

Social Network Highlights The Content Being Shared Instead Of The User

OnStaged’s gives top billing to what is being shared rather than who is sharing it.

Vincenzo Landino
  • 9 june 2014

Imagine a content sharing app that compels users to focus on what is being shared rather than who is sharing. That’s the premise behind the fresh new app, OnStaged, which allows thoughts to be shared to an entire social community.

A vision of two Microsoft designers, Allan Jiang and Leo Li, OnStaged provides a Twitter-like 140-character post, however, rather than being released to just followers, your thoughts, ideas and photos will have the opportunity to reach all the users in the community.

Explains Allan, “in other social media, well-thought sentences from a less famous person can hardly draw much attention, whereas random words from a famous person can always get tons of likes and followers. We wrote OnStaged with the idea of encouraging users to focus back on content.”

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The focus on anonymity is a concept that is picking up steam lately, with social apps such as Yik Yak, Whisper and Secret. However, none provide the content first approach quite like OnStaged, which is more of a middle ground between anonymity and sites where clout dominates, such as Twitter.

Although the content-first approach doesn’t have a established track-record, one can see the benefits of this model. This can allow thought leaders to emerge unemcumbered. Number of followers won’t determine how important or impactful ones words are. The idea is to really focus on the thoughts and ideas being presented rather than how “successful” or how much celebrity one may have. Immediate benefit can be had by small business and entrepreneurs that are fighting to make a name for themselves.

OnStaged, though, is still very early in the game and has a very small user base at the moment, making it less attractive to marketers. On the other hand, early adopters of the network could see handsome rewards of sticking it out, providing valuable feedback and testing of a potentially larger movement in the social networking segment.

Currently available as a free download on iTunes, OnStaged will be available soon for Android as well.



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