App Instantly Splits Restaurant Bills Without Waitstaff Interaction

App Instantly Splits Restaurant Bills Without Waitstaff Interaction

Check into the restaurant, tell the waiter you're paying with cover, dine and leave without waiting for the check.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 13 june 2014

We all know the complexities of splitting a bill after having a meal out with friends. Whether you’re the organizer who goes down the receipt initialing items for everyone, or the person who just plants down your card hoping someone else will tell you the amount you owe, the process of determining who pays what can be long and annoying. Ending these frustrations is why Cover was founded.

It automatically adds a tip and splits the bill for diners, allowing them a more enjoyable and stress-free experience. Cover is accepted at 100 restaurants in New York City and the Bay Area, including Marietta in Clinton Hill, City Crab in Union Square, Nojo in Hayes Valley, and The Brazen Head in Marina. T

After downloading it, you store a credit card then head out to eat. Upon arriving at the restaurant, you and the other members of your party all check in to the restaurant and join a virtual table, so the app knows you are dining together. When the waiter arrives to take your order, tell him you are paying with Cover, and everything will be taken care of automatically.


Founders Andrew Cove and Mark Egerman were friends who often dined out together. They had several bad payment experiences, encountering staff who didn’t know how to process payments via Google Wallet and Paypal but refused to split the bill between their cards. This inspired them to create the payment app geared towards sit-down dining.

The Cover co-founders launched the app in October 2013, and report having 10,000 downloads since. They charge participating restaurants a fee that is comparable to credit-card processing fees, and say that Cover processes $100,000 in payments each month. Cove says by the end of the year he hopes the company will double the number of establishments it works with.


[h/t] Business Insider

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