Employment Site Understands And Breaks Down The Creative Job Search

Employment Site Understands And Breaks Down The Creative Job Search
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50 Ways To Get A Job That Makes Good helps people navigate through the job hunt process, giving advice for every stage.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 june 2014

The job market can be a difficult place to navigate for all job seekers, whether they are fresh grads from college or experienced workers who are no strangers to job hunting. Fortunately, there are countless resources online and offline about how to look for a job, ace interviews, and more.

50 Ways To Get A Job That Makes Good is one of those helpful websites that aim to help people survive the job hunting process.

The website breaks down the job hunting process for people and helps them move towards their goal through tips, advice and tasks that are designed to get people nearer to what they want to accomplish.

The website has a simple and clean design and lets people select which stage they are in. Visitors to the website can select from stages, including “Starting,” “Finding My Purpose,” “Overwhelmed,” “Learning New Skills,” “Networking,” “Stuck,” “Applying For Jobs,” “Interviewing,” and “Happy.”


Selecting a stage takes the visitor to a page with several tasks or missions that are meant to help the job hunter figure things out and work towards their goals. For example, under the “Starting” stage, visitors find tasks like “Map your current career path,” “Update LinkedIn with your future self,” and “Find a friend in the same situation.” Other stages may include missions like “Help 5 people” or “Go on a solo trip.”

Some of the tasks or missions invite the job hunter to read certain books like “101 Experiments in the Philosophy of Everyday Living” and “Secrets of the Young and Successful.” Other tasks invite the viewers to visit helpful websites like and Some tasks are also more specific to job hunting like “Find a job title” and “Send this email to the company you want to work for.”

People can check off tasks when they finish it and even have the website send them emails to remind them of what they have to do.

The website was created by Dev Aujla, the author of Making Good: Finding Meaning, Money and Community in a Changing World, the book where the content of the website was originally from.

50 Ways To Get A Job That Makes Good

[h/t]: The Muse

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