Wallpaper Places A Digital Library Full Of Books On Your Bedroom Walls [Video]


Scan these books' QR codes to upload bedtime stories to your mobile devices.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 june 2014

Despite all the hype and the innovations in mobile technology, the amount of mobile data usage is still not as high as telecommunication companies would like it to be. To encourage Romanians to use more of their mobile data, Vodafone Romania partnered with furniture retailer MobExpert and worked with agency McCann Bucharest to create a new product innovation in the world of home and office interior design. They came up with a bookshelf called the Digital Library Wallpaper, which is an actual adhesive wallpaper that looks like a bookshelf filled with books specially chosen by the owner. The books can be read on the owner’s mobile devices by scanning their QR codes.

QR Code scan.jpg

The Digital Library Wallpaper combines mobile internet and interior design. To create their own library wallpaper, people just need to log on to the Biblioteca Digitala site, pick out their favorite free titles and even add in a few photos and decorations to personalize their digital bookshelves. After ordering their personalized library wallpaper online, the adhesive wallpaper will be delivered straight to their door. The books printed on the wallpaper include QR codes that allow the new library owner to scan them and read the books on their mobile devices.

Designer_Agnes Lukacs proposal.jpg

The digital library wallpaper does not take up any floor space and helps brighten up an unused wall in people’s room or apartment. It’s perfect for book lovers who also love technology and don’t have the floor space for a physical shelf. The digital wallpaper is also great for students who live in cramped dorm rooms or apartments.

When the new product launched, interior designers loved it so much and began joining in on the project by creating suggestions and interior design concepts that include the digital library wallpaper as a central piece. The digital library wallpaper not only promoted the use of mobile internet in people’s living rooms, but also helped the publishing industry by offering writers a new kind of platform to promote or sell their novels and works.

Take a look at the video below to learn more about this novel decor:

Biblioteca Digitala


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