Vaporized Flavors Let You Taste Extravagant Meals Without The Calories

Vaporized Flavors Let You Taste Extravagant Meals Without The Calories

The Edible Mist Machine emits the flavors of things like smoked bacon, apple pie and chocolate.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 4 june 2014

Last Fall PSFK introduced you to Charlie Harris and his glow-in-the-dark ice-cream creation, but the real life Willy Wonka’s new product is even more impressive. In a society where thinner is usually deemed better, it is common to feel guilt after indulging in some of your favorite foods. This is because the items that usually taste the best tend to be the least nutritious and have the most calories. If only there was a way to get a hit of those delicious flavors, without ruining your diet.


The Edible Mist Machine is the newest contraption from Lick Me, I’m Delicious, the edible invention company founded by Harris. According to a press release, the machine uses ‘ultrasonic vaporization’ to extract the flavor from tasty foods. The flavor is then turned into a mist that can be inhaled via straw, giving the user some of the satisfaction of eating something high in calories. So far, the machine can emit over 200 flavors like mango, popcorn, ice-cream, cotton candy and lobster, but Harris has promised more will be released soon. In addition, Harris can create custom flavors that don’t even have to be edible.


For US residents, the Edible Mist Machine can be acquired for a whopping $8,400 plus shipping. But if you live in the UK you can rent one of the machines at a more affordable price. According to Harris’ statement, they could be good for themed parties or palette cleansers, but despite the wackiness of the invention, the Edible Mist Machine might have some significant health benefits as well. Similar to e-cigarettes, it could be used not only as a substitute for the consumption of the actual food products, but the machine could also be used as a way of weaning a person off of these tempting treats.

Edible Mist Machine

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