Folding Electric Skateboard Is Its Own Carrying Case

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The Caseboard is a portable, affordable and compact form of urban travel.

Emma Hutchings
  • 25 june 2014

The Caseboard is an electric skateboard that folds into itself, transforming into a carrying case for easy transport. It was developed by Adam Riley, the owner and designer of Epic Skateboards, who built his first electric skateboard for a school project when he was just 15. The board is compact and convenient for carrying around like a briefcase while on the bus or in the office.

The board features regenerative brakes which enable it to put power back into the battery and stop easily or travel slower for going down steep hills. It has 500 watts of power so is able to get up to high speeds and tackle hills, and can travel up a 12% gradient.

The Caseboard offers a smooth and affordable ride that is good for the environment (there is no exhaust or CO2 emissions) and low cost as the energy used is less than $5 per year for the average rider. It features state of the art electronics, a high performance brushless motor and lithium battery that maintain full strength for around 1,000 charges before there is any reduction in the charge.


There is also a rechargeable wireless 2.4G hand controller, 5 bar battery indicator, forward and reverse mode, fast and slow speed settings, speedometer, LED light, control battery indicator, and a horn. The case is made from high grade Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and the sealed battery and components save the board’s electronics from getting damaged if it is out in the rain.

Riley is currently raising funds for the Caseboard on Kickstarter and you can own your own board from the first production run for $1,199 AUD (those who get in early can grab one for $999 AUD). It comes with an advanced hand control (with USB cable for charging), owner’s manual, complete repair kit, and charger, as well as a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.


+Epic Skateboards

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