Embedded LEDs Turn Electrical Outlets Into Night Lights

Embedded LEDs Turn Electrical Outlets Into Night Lights
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The SnapRays Guidelight replaces a standard cover and features a light sensor for automatic illumination in the dark.

Emma Hutchings
  • 16 june 2014

The SnapRays Guidelight developed by SnapPower is a replacement for the standard plug-in nightlights that take up space in one or more of your home’s outlets. The faceplate, embedded with three LEDs, has been designed to look like traditional outlet cover plates and can be installed in just a few seconds, with no need for wires or batteries.

The Guidelight includes a light sensor and automatically provides illumination in the dark while conveniently keeping both of the outlets free for use at all times. SnapPower claims that it costs less than 10 cents a year to power, the LED lights last up to 25 years.


The SnapRays Guidelight is designed to be installed over a standard electrical outlet. The patented “Power Extractors” on the back of the Guidelight slide into the electrical box and around the outlet receptacle making contact with the screw terminals located on the sides of the outlet. This technology enables the device to extract power from the receptacle without the need to hardwire, plug into or occupy an outlet.

To install the Guidelight, the user simply needs to turn off the power to the outlet, remove the existing cover plate, insert the SnapRays Guidelight over the outlet and fasten it in place, and then turn the power back on. It will then automatically illuminate the area once it becomes dark, providing ambient lighting at dark while blending into its surroundings during the day.


As all of the electronics are encased inside the coverplate, it’s a more child-friendly and robust alternative to standard nightlights, and it doesn’t take up any outlet space. SnapRays Guidelights are available in two different styles: duplex (two separate holes) and decor (one rectangular hole), and there are three colors to choose from: white, light almond and ivory.

The Guidelights are available to pre-order now for $15 each (usual price $20). Packs of multiple guidelights can also be bought at a reduced price for use in different rooms around the house or illuminating the whole home. You can take a look at the product in the video below:


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