Facebook Photo Analysis Generates Personalized Skincare Recommendations

Facebook Photo Analysis Generates Personalized Skincare Recommendations

Beautiful Me is an app that scans up to 500 personal images to help people understand their aging process, and best makeup color choices.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 17 june 2014

All those selfies you posted on Facebook can help create a profile of your skin and reveal your true skin tone, as well as show you how your skin has changed over time.

That is, if you use Beautiful Me, an app that was developed by ModiFace, the same company that created the 3D Photo-Realistic Augmented Reality Mirror. Beautiful Me is a new mobile app that uses patented big data technology to conduct a skin analysis of the user’s Facebook photos and create a skin profile for the user.

The app analyzes up to 500 photos from the user’s Facebook profile and uses its patented photo processing system to visualize changes in facial features, makeup, aging, and hair to help users better understand their own skin. The app then uses the information it collected to give skincare recommendations and create a curated list of skin, anti-aging and cosmetic products that best match the user’s profile and skincare needs.


To start using the Beautiful Me app, users first create a visual profile. The app automatically downloads up to 500 Facebook photos to the user’s device and selects about a hundred high quality photos from the group for analysis. The app first detects skin and facial features like skin tone and under tones, and then utilizes a deep neural network and multi-level statistical analysis to analyze the user’s skin and features. The app presents the results of its analysis in easy-to-understand graphics.

The app can reveal the user’s actual skin under tone and present a graph of how it has changed over time. It can show the user’s true skin shade by digitally extracting the user’s skin tone range from the photos, as well as show how the user’s skin and face have been aging and present recommendations on how they can improve the health of their skin. The app can also display statistics about the user’s makeup preferences, like their preferred lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow colors.


In a press release, Director of Partnerships and Mobile Strategy Miriam Pettinen, who led the development of the skin analysis app, said,

We’re thrilled to introduce Beautiful Me to users and bring a level of understanding to skin analysis that has never been easily accessible through an app. While most apps only use basic analysis of a single photo, the combination of big data and machine learning algorithms used in Beautiful Me gives users a much more accurate description of their skin profile.

The app is available on the iOS app store.

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