PSFK chats with senior designers at Cadillac about why trade shows like ICFF are integral to their process.

There are certain brand names that evoke the idea of luxury in the popular mind. Well-executed marketing campaigns and effective brand positioning have a lot to do with this fact, but luxury is more than a name or an idea. The deliberate use of materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and ceremonious attention to detail are the foundation of any iconic label. After all, true luxury is in the goods.

As with anything, luxury goods are constantly evolving. The engineers and designers responsible are always looking for innovative ways to bring these products into being, and to forge meaningful connections with their consumers. In this way a kind of luxury ecosystem is born. Each new product, along with changes in the aesthetic sensibilities of modern consumers, adds a new tone to the conversation. So when a luxury brand like Cadillac sets out to design their next vehicle the first step is to listen.

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