Flatev Does For Tortillas What K-Cups Did For Coffee

Flatev Does For Tortillas What K-Cups Did For Coffee

The machine's dough pods offer a quick and easy way to make fresh tortillas at home.

Hart Boyd
  • 2 june 2014

We live in an age where convenience is king. However, in order to help distinguish one commodity from the next, product developers are constantly in search of ways to create a balance between this convenience and an easily reproducible qualitative standard designed to keep consumers satisfied and loyal to their specific brand. Flatev— short for “flatbread evolution”— has chosen to employ a method of product delivery that, until recently, has been focused primarily on individual coffee consumption.

Adding to the already burgeoning pod market that was first made popular by coffee connoisseur Keurig and its K-Cup, Flatev utilizes a similar approach and focuses on the production of individual tortillas.


The idea for Flatev stems from creator Carlos Ruiz’s dissatisfaction with the lack of taste and authenticity in the tortillas available to him in various areas around the world. Looking to develop a convenient yet high quality alternative to the mass-produced tortilla found in grocery stores and restaurants, Flatev has chosen to package its dough within a pod in the hopes that a discerning customer base will emerge.

Flatev Dough Pods/Tortillas.jpg

Flatev operates much in the same way that a Keurig or Nespresso would work. Grab your pod, put it in the machine, press a button, and in less than a minute you have a fresh tortilla. One of the highlights of the Flatev machine is the warming tray the houses the finished tortillas and keeps them hot.

As of right now, Flatev has chosen to focus its efforts on only manufacturing dough for flour and corn tortillas. The ingredients for the flour tortillas consist of flour, water, baking soda, and salt; the corn tortillas are comprised solely of corn flour and water. Even with the minimal amount of ingredients making up the dough, Flatev notes that there are some care instruction caveats to its product. The pods must be refrigerated at all times and can last up to two weeks by doing so, and if the pods are frozen, they can last even longer.


Flatev has plans to expand its offerings to include some forms of flatbread in addition to its tortillas. Though the Flatev machine and pods aren’t quite ready for retail purchase— they should be available some time in 2015— the company is making its presence known by being the first to offer solid food to consumers in this form.


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