Recreational space the size of Hawaii's main island will be made from harvested recycled plastic.

The obvious solution to plastic waste clogging up our oceans is to scale back how much we use, but what to do with the mountain of waste that already exists? One solution comes from WHIM Architecture in the Netherlands, who want to create a Recycled Island made from marine litter in the North Pacific Gyre. Not only could the island be used as a recreational space, and respond to rising sea levels, but it’s success could also spark a host of new sustainable and flood-proof habitats.

Recycled Island would be a way to repurpose the non-biodegradable plastic, and prevent it from reaching the North Sea. The architects plan to build the prototype from hollow plastic building blocks, which would also be designed to allow unrestricted plant growth. “The realization of a prototype will physically prove our theory and will give us the opportunity to test the strength of the recycled plastics and will stimulate the further development of the project,” explains WHIM on their website.

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