MIT Media Concept Gives Storytellers New Ways To Structure Context

MIT Media Concept Gives Storytellers New Ways To Structure Context

FOLD is a context creation platform that's reimagining how online journalism is presented.

Lara Piras
  • 19 june 2014

Imagine reading about the global economic crisis without knowing what inflation was, or not understanding mortgages when reading an article on the housing market. You’d probably to lose interest and stop reading, clicking over to that tab with the cute cats.

Designers and researchers Alexis Hope and Kevin Hu have created a project at the MIT Media Lab to overcome these issues with a new context creation platform for journalists and storytellers called FOLD. The site enables both established and emerging writers to structure and craft complex stories to ensure their work is accessible.

It works by offering readers “curated tangents” that provide contextual information from online sources or by reusing other authors’ context blocks. Readers can then progress through a story vertically to read the narrative, and side-to-side to access these context blocks that contain explanations and further information to aid or supplement the for more difficult parts.

FOLD ensures the reader can really get into the story without having to break away and head to Google for definitions or explanations. They will be able to better understand a story and can stay engaged throughout.


Hope and Hu stated, “We believe that FOLD can help readers of all ages and backgrounds confidently engage with complex stories.”

Fold will launch for open beta by the end of Summer 2014.

FOLD // Alexis Hope // MIT

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