Fuseproject’s Plantable Sensor Keeps Your Garden Green And Alive [Video]

Fuseproject’s Plantable Sensor Keeps Your Garden Green And Alive [Video]

The Edyn smart garden system has a sensor that gives real-time info and tips to keep plants healthy.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 6 june 2014

Yves Behar’s design studio fuseproject worked with ecologist and soil scientist Jason Aramburu to develop the brand and overall design of Aramburu’s sensing technology Edyn, a smart garden system that monitors and tracks the environment of the owner’s garden and helps them keep their plants growing and thriving.

The smart garden system includes the solar-powered Edyn Garden Sensor, which is inserted into the soil and gathers and analyzes data about the conditions of the soil and the changing weather. The Sensor connects to the Edyn Cloud via WiFi and is water and fertilizer-resistant.


The smart garden system comes with an accompanying app that displays the data as a real-time snapshot of the user’s garden. The Edyn App also provides the user with alerts, tips, and suggestions on how to keep their plants healthy.

The Edyn system includes a separate component, a Water Valve, which is also solar-powered and uses the data gathered by the Garden Sensor to control the watering system for the garden. The Edyn Water Valve waters the owner’s plants only when needed. It can also be controlled manually through the app.


The Sensor monitors things like light intensity, temperature, humidity, soil nutrition and moisture. It can also cross-reference the data with plant, soil science and weather databases to give recommendations on what kind of plants will thrive in these conditions. Users who are not sure about what plants to grow can check the Edyn App to see what plants grow best, as well as when the best time to plant is and which plant groupings have the same needs.

The Edyn smart garden system keeps owners connected to their gardens or farms wherever they are so they can keep track of their plants and make sure they’re healthy and growing like they should.


A Kickstarter campaign for Edyn was launched recently to finalize the technical aspects of the system and produce the first batch of units. According to the project page on Kickstarter, the first units will be delivered to the campaign’s backers and the information from their gardens will be loaded into Edyn’s databases so the developers can keep working on improving the system and making it more accurate and reliable for all users.

Backers who want to be a beta tester can order the Garden Sensor for $129 and expect to receive their unit at the end of this year. Backers can also pre-order an Edyn Garden Sensor for $99 and expect it to ship in March next year.

Watch the Kickstarter video for Edyn below.


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