World Cup Gatorade Bottles Let Coaches Monitor Player Hydration Levels

World Cup Gatorade Bottles Let Coaches Monitor Player Hydration Levels
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The sports drink brand teamed up with Smart Design to create a sports fuel system for the Brazilian team.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 25 june 2014

Like all athletes, soccer players need to keep themselves well-hydrated throughout a game or during training. Being hydrated means they can run longer or faster and have more energy to make smart plays, especially since an entire football game lasts 90 minutes and each and every player has to be in good condition throughout.

Sports drink brand Gatorade worked with design and innovation consultancy Smart Design and other key partners to create its unique personalized hydration system that monitors the conditions of individual players on the Brazilian World Cup team.

It tracks each player’s hydration needs and provides real-time updates on the player’s hydration status to help optimize their performance. The system allows the coaches to monitor each of the players and address their individual needs.


Each player is provided pods of specific Gatorade formula that is individualized to their requirements. The pods are plugged into water bottles and combined with water. Each player’s water bottle has a built-in sensor that monitors the player’s consumption and sends the information in real time to the coaches and trainers, who are able to view and track the information via a hydration tracking app.

Using the hydration system and the app, coaches and trainers can monitor the fluid loss and intake of each player. The system and the app can guide them on the right fluid, fuel and electrolyte replacement recommendations for each player.


The Gatorade Sports Science Institute has been working with the football team on the project for about two years. Combining research and tests with each player, Gatorade was able to assess how much each player loses after a training session and they were also able to determine how much they each need to recover. Gatorade was then able to provide each player with their own personalized formula.

Watch the videos below for more about the hydration system.

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