Case Expands Phone Screen Beyond Its Borders [Video]

Case Expands Phone Screen Beyond Its Borders [Video]

Fuffr allows gesture control for iPhones.

Rachel Pincus
  • 2 june 2014


Many people have applauded the increasing popularity of touch screens in recent years. It’s intuitive, it’s fast, and it’s made our interactions with our devices seem more intimate. However, there’s been a continual conflict among device designers about what customers really want. Some believe the small screen sizes of popular compact devices like the iPhone are part of their appeal, but others think larger-screened devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One are the wave of the future. What’s there to bridge the gap between all the different and confusing screen sizes, besides buying more devices? Enter Fuffr, an iPhone case that can greatly expand your phone’s workspace and help you interact with it in new ways.


Fuffr, which is being developed by a group of engineers in Stockholm, has been tight-lipped about how the case really works, but it apparently it doesn’t use any of the phone’s built-in methods of detecting the world around it. According to, it has its own motion sensor that interacts with your phone using Bluetooth LE, as suggested by the blinking detector lights seen in demonstration videos of the product. Many of the demonstration videos for Fuffr show off its usefulness for gaming, and many commentators believe that this is where the case will really thrive; one video, in particular, shows an alternate version of Flappy Bird the developers made where you can actually see what you’re doing without your hand in the way.


The existence of this alternate version brings up a possible problem with Fuffr’s implementation into the larger world: additional development seems to be required for most apps to take full advantage of its controls, so developers as well as customers will have to get on board. Fuffr may have to get over some other practical problems before it becomes popular as well, such as the battery-draining another gesture control device, Leap Motion, has had. Fuffr’s ability to pick up on all the popular iOS gestures, however, could make it popular for work as well as play, alerting a larger audience to its possibilities. Check out the enhanced range of control below:


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