Google’s New Alarm Clock Wakes Commuters Up At Their Subway Stop


The Android app knows where the user is and approximates when they should get off.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 10 june 2014

Sometimes people can’t help but doze off while they’re on the bus or the train, especially when they just got off work or are coming from a party, and their trip is a long one and entails passing through several stops. It’s not hard to imagine people missing their stops because they fell asleep.

Google Now has released an application that can wake people up when they’re on public transportation and are about to arrive at their destination.

Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant available within the Google Search mobile app for Android and iOS devices and in the Chrome browser on personal computers.

To use the feature, users simply need to open Google Now when they are using public transportation. Google Now will give users the option to set an alarm for saved locations like “Home” or “Work.” The new alarm feature will be able to tell where the user is and approximately when they should exit the public transpo they are on. To set the alarm, the user simply has to tap the alarm when they get on the bus or train and the alarm will alert the user when they are nearing their destination. If the user changes their mind about the alarm, they can just tap it again to turn it off.

The alarm feature is not linked to the standard Clock app on the user’s device though, and is only functional within Google Now and can be used when the owner is on public transportation.

Alarm apps for people who sleep on public transpo are not entirely new. This new Google Now alarm feature is similar to some of the apps that were submitted to the 2013 MTA App Quest Challenge, a weekend-long hackathon held in New York City. One of those apps, for example, is the MetroNap App, which is designed to detect when the user’s train is moving or not, and when they have reached a stop. The app lets the user know when they’re near their destination by vibrating.

[h/t] Android Police

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