Brand App Has Citizens Geotag Offensive Graffiti For Removal


Cleaning brand sends whitewash teams clean up Romania's streets in response to user submissions.

Ross Brooks
  • 17 june 2014

Street art has been accepted as an art form for quite some time now, but there are still people who use the urban environment to spread hateful messages. In an attempt to clean up the streets, the cleaning company CIF launched an app in Romania that encourage people to geotag racist and offensive graffiti so it can be removed by a specialized cleanup team.

Created with the help of agency McCann, users just have to take a photo of the offensive wall art, which is then reported to the company along with a geotagged location. A cleaning team is then dispatched by the company in a CIF-branded van, who will show up and make short work of the offensive imagery.


So far, the Unilver-owned cleaning company has removed more than 300 unwanted pieces of graffiti, and according to their website, reached over 14 million people through the publicity generated by the campaign. if you want to see more of the campaign, their website has a gallery of before and after photos, a map of sites cleaned, and even a few videos that show certain sites being cleaned.



[h/t] DesignTaxi


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