Helsinki Airport Offers Yoga Classes To Help Travelers Relax Pre-Flight

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The TravelLab project tests out concepts to make departures and transfers in the airport much smoother and more interesting.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 5 june 2014

Finnish airport management company Finavia has recently launched its TravelLab Project at Helsinki Airport. The initiative tests out new services that are designed to make traveling through the airport less stressful and more interesting for passengers, especially transfer passengers who may need to stay longer in the airport to wait for their connecting flights.

The TravelLab project includes concepts and services like yoga and pilates classes for passengers, a Finnish-themed backdrop where travelers can take their selfies, pop-up restaurants that give diners a “Taste of Finland,” a crash-course on Finnish coffee culture, and more. Aside from these unique services, which are being tested in the first batch of TravelLab prototypes over the summer, the TravelLab project also has practical offerings like Service Menu information screens that provide tips to passengers to help them make the most out of their stay in the airport.

The concepts were inspired mostly by ideas and suggestions from passengers. Most of the ideas were created at the Helsinki Airport and Finnair joint initiative, Quality Hunters 2013, where they invited a global community of travelers to share their ideas on how to improve the experience of traveling by air.


Travelers can now test out the services and share their views on them. New services can potentially be created, developed and implemented at the airport depending on the feedback that the initiative receives from the passengers who have tried out the prototypes.

In a press release, Ville Haapasaari, Helsinki Airport Director at Finavia Corporation, explains,

With TravelLab, we do not ask passengers what they would like to do at the airport. We do something with them, and then ask how it made them feel. Our goal is to create genuine experiences and evaluate real effect.

Finavia hired a multidisciplinary team of experts to pilot the experiences for all of the airport’s passenger segments. The team also uses a specific ranking system to record the passengers’ feedback and determine whether the prototypes can become established services in the airport.

The TravelLab project is part of the Helsinki Airport development programme, which has the airport preparing to serve up to 20 million passengers every year by the year 2020.

Check out the video below about the project.



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