iBeacons Used To Track The Activities And Whereabouts Of Interns

iBeacons Used To Track The Activities And Whereabouts Of Interns

Development shop Chaotic Moon uses the tech to monitor their staff and what they're doing.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 25 june 2014

Though Apple’s proximity technology the iBeacon has been proven quite useful in the retail industry and even in the arts, the technology hasn’t really caught on just yet in a massive way in other industries. In the meantime, some developers are happy to experiment with the technology in their own offices.

Austin, Texas-based development studio Chaotic Moon is using the iBeacon technology to keep tabs on their interns.

In an interview with FastCo, the studio revealed that they have two kinds of interns, the engineering interns who help with development and the gophers who help with general tasks. According to Chaotic Moon VP of Technology C.K. Sample, those interns can be hard to reach since they are not always on their computers and are not always available when they are needed.

To track their interns, Chaotic Moon built the Gopher Tracker, a network of iBeacons installed in strategic areas around their office. When synced with the interns’ smartphones, the Gopher Tracker lets management know exactly where their interns are and allows them to send a message to the “missing” intern.

According to Sample, projects like the Gopher Tracker are mostly for their own use internally, but sometimes they use the concept as a take-off point for something they can pitch to clients. Sample explained that the technology has many applications in the retail industry where iBeacon has been used to locate items and customers in the store. He added that the iBeacon technology can also be used to monitor retail staff.

Though the iBeacon technology hasn’t been used in other ways or in other industries, Sample isn’t worried about the idea and believes that developers just need to start playing with the technology and think bigger than what has already been done. He also believes that the more that companies start to dream up ways of incorporating the technology into their products and applications and create features that make consumers’ lives better or easier, the more the consumers will start adopting it.

A post on Chaotic Moon’s blog also discusses the potential of the technology in other areas outside of retail and mentions how it can be used in employee management and even communications or information management.

Chaotic Moon

Source: Co.Labs

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