What Is The Morning Routine Of The Average IKEA Shopper?

What Is The Morning Routine Of The Average IKEA Shopper?

The just-released 'A World Wake Up' is IKEA's report on the habits of people in major cities from New York to Berlin.

Daniela Walker
  • 9 june 2014

What’s your morning routine? Does it involve hitting the snooze button several times before rolling out of bed? Then you’re not alone – 24% of New Yorkers push the snooze more than once, according to a new report by IKEA. If you’re curious about other morning behaviors of city–dwellers worldwide, then you’re in luck. The Swedish furniture giant has just published A World Wakes Up, an online report that analyzes the morning routines of urban dwellers from New York to Mumbai, and cities in between.


The report is accompanied by a microsite and a ‘data mixing board’ that makes the quantitative information not only more digestible and easier to read, but also more interesting in its comparative aspects. With the data mixing board, users can select different habits like cuddling in the morning or taking a shower and see in a comparison graph how respondents in the different cities act. For instance, Berlin is the city where most people skip breakfast (over 40%) while in Shanghai around 20% skip breakfast while a resounding 80% partake in a morning meal.


The microsite also includes photographic case studies of people in the eight different cities surveyed (New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Moscow, Mumbai, and Shanghai), which IKEA commissioned to show what waking up in these places actually looks like. The photographs give a human element to the data, visualising a morning in the life of.

IKEA states that the goal of the report is:

To share our insights, raise awareness and interest, spark debate and contribute to the constant journey of creating an even better everyday life for the many people – together.

The report is the first part of IKEA’s Life At Home series, where they will be investigating people’s domestic lives. While brands regularly commission reports and often use it in branding, it is interesting to see IKEA create a microsite and data tool to make the entire quantitative work a bit more interesting for the everyday consumer. It plays on our natural curiosity of what others are doing, especially of the morning – that mysterious time of day before everyone emerges from their burrows. It is nice to know you’re not only pressing snooze.

IKEA: Life At Home



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