Instagram For Google Glass Concept Brings The Social Media Obsession To Wearable Tech


Leonardo Zem created a design concept that shows what the social network would look like with the wearable device.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 june 2014

With wearable technology slowly becoming more and more mainstream as new wearable devices are being developed and released into the market, it may not be very long before people start using them for their social media activities.

Brazilian designer and UX/UI specialist Leonardo Zem created a design concept for what Instagram might be like when viewed and accessed through the popular wearable device, Google Glass.

Zem took the important functions and features of Instagram and created a simple navigation based on the guidelines of the wearable tech eyewear. The Instagram features are operated using voice commands and tapping the side of the wearable device.

To take a picture, the wearer simply needs to issue the usual voice command, “Ok Glass, take a picture.” After taking a photo, wearers will be able to edit the photo by swiping through different editing functions and Instagram filters. Wearers can then use a voice command to post the photo and add text and hashtags.

Each post will include an icon at the bottom right to indicate whether it is an image or a video.

Recording a video follows the same steps. The wearer issues the voice command, “Ok Glass, record video” and the video icon will be in red to indicate that it is recording. The process to edit the video is the same as the process in the mobile app and wearers just need to swipe through the editing functions. Glass wearers also use voice commands to post the video and add text and hashtags.

The Instagram feed on Glass will show photos and videos just like the way it does on the mobile app. To see more details of the photo or to see the profile of the user, the wearer just needs to tap on the photo. The photo along with the description and hashtags will be pulled up in about three seconds. Two taps are needed to like a post, while only one tap is required to select the user profile or to post a comment.

Zem’s design concept for Instagram on Google Glass doesn’t go beyond the familiar features and functions of the mobile app, but it presents what the social network can potentially look like when accessed through the wearable tech device.

Leonardo Zem

[h/t]: DesignTAXI

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